Monthly Archives: August 2016

Episode 7; Ultimate Leadership 10 Rules for Success

In Episode 7 the tables turn on Host Chris Cebollero. The shows resident expert on Ethical Leadership Dr. Charles “Chad” Weinstein takes the mic, and interviews Chris on his #1 Best Selling Book; Ultimate Leadership 10 Rules for Success. Discussions cover, the importance of the organizational vision, why making time for employees creates employee satisfaction, and find out the 4 questions Chris asks his employees to drive employee engagement.

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Episode 6; How to Create Organizational Momentum – Part II of II

In episode 6 we welcome back Jim Angle to discuss the fundamentals of developing organization momentum. Jim is the founder and CEO of Practice Field Coach LLC and the Academy for MOmentum. He has been in the healthcare field for more than 25 years, leading hospitals and high performing teams, contributing to transformational change in people and organizations, and teaching and coaching many leaders. Check out the latest as Jim shares his tips in how to develop the needed momentum for organizational success.

Check out Jim’s book, Spark Your MO; The Power of Integrated Effort. 

Episode 5; Examining The Difference Between Inspiration and Motivation?

In this episode of the Ultimate Leadership Podcast Chris is joined by Author, Coach and friend Dr. Lynn Wicker. Lynn Shares her insight on the difference between inspiration and motivation, and shares her secrets on how to stay inspired and motivated. When we stay self-motivated, this keeps us on the path of success.

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Episode 4; Is there Moral Courage in your Leadership Toolbox? Part I of V

In this episode of the Ultimate Leadership Podcast host Chris Cebollero welcomes back Dr. Charles (Chad) Weinstein as he picks up his discussion of Ethical Leadership. Chad shares with us the 5 components of Ethical Leadership; Service, Competence, Creativity, Clarity, and Moral Courage. Then Chris and Chad take a microscope and discuss the specifics of Moral Courage and how important it is to your leadership success. Part I of V

Episode 3; How to Create Organizational Momentum Part I of II

In this episode of the Ultimate Leadership Podcast, my guest today is Jim Angle. Jim is the founder of Practice Field Coach, and CEO of the Academy for Momentum. Join us as we discuss the best way to develop momentum, motivation and organizational success, talk about the Academy for Momentum, overview the Science behind Success and why its important to leaders, and Jim gives you the Transformational Formula and Organizational Facets for success.

Episode 2; Why Do I Need a Leadership Coach?

Chris is joined by Leadership Coach Chris Robinson. Chris is an Internationally Recognized Leadership Expert, Leadership Coach, and Motivational teacher. Join the discussion and find out the importance go having a leadership coach. Coaches, help elite athletes take their game to the next level, Leadership Coaches help Professional take their careers to the next level. Join Why do you need to work with a leadership coach? and What are the finer points of leadership coaching? Take a listen and find out.

Episode 1; Ethical Leadership 101

Welcome to the inaugural show of The Ultimate Leadership Podcast. In our first episode we discuss the finer points of being an   Ethical Leader. Your hear it all the time, “he is an ethical leader” its a great compliment, but what exactly does that mean? Chris is joined by Author Dr. Charles “Chad” Weinstein author of Thinking Aloud Reflections on Ethical Leadership. Chad is our resident expert in all matters dealing with Ethical Leadership.