Recognizing and Dealing with Stress in the Times of Pandemic Part I

Sheltering at Home, Loss of Your Job, or Fear of Getting Covid-19 these are all stressors. In the time of this Pandemic we are more susceptible to becoming stressed and suffering more anxiety attacks. On the show today Behavioral Psychologist Dr. Denise Dudley joins host Chris Cebollero as she breaks down stress, what are they symptoms, defines chronic and acute stress and offers some wisdom in how to recognize your feelings of stress. This is Part 1 of 2 episodes. In Part II Denise outlines ways to manage this stress.

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2 thoughts on “Recognizing and Dealing with Stress in the Times of Pandemic Part I

  1. I love the interview, Chris. It is filled with so much helpful information on identifying stressful situations, both good stress and bad.

  2. Dr. Dudley’s insights were eye-opening and helpful. It shifted the way I view stress and it’s affect on my physical and emotional state during this pandemic! A great guest speaker. Thank you!

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