Shifting Your Mindset from Lack to Abundance for a Happier Life

Shifting Your Mindset from Lack to Abundance for a Happier Life

We’re joined by Christy Whitman. A bestselling author of The Art of Having it All, and an abundance coach.

Christy says abundance means all kind of energy, including love, time, opportunities, options, freedom, and money.

As human beings, we know more lack and limitation than abundance, and when anyone is feeling bad or a low-level emotion, it’s because they are in lack.

By working with the human-ness of the person, Christy helps people energetically and mindset-wise.

She helps to put in practical terms of what to do in your daily life to shift your energy from lack to abundance. Once you make this shift, things in your life will change.

On today’s podcast:

  • The guidance to abundance
  • Supporting people in becoming more abundant
  • Challenging our own beliefs
  • Living an unlimited life
  • The Art of Having it All
  • Christy’s coaching programme


The guidance to abundance

When people look for a coach, it’s usually because something in their life isn’t working. It could be their love life or frustrations with health, which are just conditions and circumstances around what we experience.

Christy says these frustrations present as a condition, so she goes deeper to see why that person attracted and created it. They then take the lessons and are rebirthed into a new being.

Supporting people in becoming more abundant

As human beings, we are energy towers which send out signals all day every day. Our energetic connections with things determine whether we attract or repel it.

When you send out a different signal, it will be attracted to you. Look at your belief system and see if you are holding onto lack and limitation with conditioning.

Challenge where your life isn’t working and know that you don’t need to be victim to it.

Challenging our own beliefs

Any negative emotion we experience comes from lack. We don’t have to know the emotion we’re feeling, just know that lack is the root of it.

When Christy felt a negative emotion during a massage, she asked herself what the cause of it was. Part of her believed she’d used up all of her success, and she wasn’t even aware of it.

She gave that part of her reassurance and wrapped that part in abundance by thinking of something which made her feel joyful.

We deliberately choose the way we want to feel, and when we acknowledge and change that, things in our outer reality start to change.

Living an unlimited life

Finding the secret to success is inside you in the energy. It’s a continuous journey which you have to work on every day.

Christy says when she connects with the energy inside her, she brings the sense of joy into her life.

Feeling like you’re far from having it all is not knowing who you are and being attached to the physical world. These things appear real, but they’re not. They’re materialistic and can be changed by your consciousness.

The Art of Having it All

A lot of the time, we want to control everything and make things happen us. We think we’re running the universe.

People who like to have control want their world to feel safe, so want everything their way. This prevents the realm of the magical to come in and make things easier so it’s not so frightening.

Christy’s coaching programme

In 2008, Christy was a coach and was doing well. Within the space of a week, she had four different people ask her to certify them but it wasn’t something she offered.

She took it as a sign and put pen to paper on what the programme would look like. She has been certifying coaches ever since. The Quantum Success Learning Academy is a place where you get to learn about energy and the universe laws, shift and heal, and prepare to help someone else.