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Leadership Lessons from the “World’s Most Dangerous Man” UFC Hall of Famer Ken Shamrock

UFC Hall of Famer and 4 Time UFC Champion Ken Shamrock joins Chris on this weeks show. Ken discusses how he kept his focus during is long career knowing that he was an inspiration to many people, as he had to balance physical strength with his mental toughness. The discussion then focuses on how best to keep yourself on the direction of reaching your goals when distractions try to derail your process. Ken then shares a great piece of wisdom from his mentor that gave him the drive to overcome his own adversity. Finally Ken shares who was the best fighter that allowed him to develop his skills and become the legend he is today. This is a great show, filled with tons of leadership lessons, some truly learned the hard way.

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In the Business Insider Spotlight we chat with Dave Cooper. Dave is the Senior Vice President for Lumen Technologies and he shares his expertise outlining edge computing. Edge Computing brings a company’s applications closer to data sources. Designed to deliver nearly zero latency to cover 97% of business demands, the result is a much faster computational speed than cloud services alone can offer. In today’s fast-paced business environment, two or three seconds of delay or latency within a network can seem like an eternity. Businesses thrive on their ability to differentiate themselves in the marketplace, and over the past two decades, businesses have turned to cloud services to boost their performance. But even with all the cloud offers, the bulk of data processing still happens in a traditional, centralized data center. Until now.