The Key Recipe for Success with Danny Creed

The Key Recipe for Success with Danny Creed

On this episode of The Ultimate Leadership Podcast, you get to meet the best-selling author and business coach Danny Creed.

Danny will teach you his 13 foundational elements that are essential to your success as an entrepreneur.

On today’s podcast:

  • Danny Creed’s 13 foundational elements guaranteeing success
  • Becoming a master of self-discipline
  • Priority management
  • Saying no to interruptions
  • Learn the discipline of saying no


Danny’s 13 foundational elements

When he talks to people, what Danny talks about is from pure street fighting, real-world experience.

When it comes to success, Danny teaches 13 foundational elements. Without a solid foundation, your business will fall over.

Zig Zigler, one of Danny’s mentors, used to talk about a “foundational recipe” for success that doesn’t change no matter the environment or the business type.

First steps: being decisive and working hard

Decisiveness is nothing more than deciding if you want to be successful or not. If you’re happy with the way things are, stop whining. If you have a burning desire to become successful, then commit to it.

It’s not that we aim high and miss, it’s that we aim low and hit.

Danny’s mentors always said that 85% of success happens with 60 hours per week of work or more. You have to work with a vision and a plan.

If you are waiting for things to come to you, that is not going to happen. One of Danny’s biggest secrets is that he just outworks everybody else.

Mastering self-discipline

One of the hardest things leaders have to do is leading themselves.

Zig Zigler once said, “If you’re hard on yourself, life will be easy on you.” You have to have the willingness to do whatever it might take. You have to be a master of self-discipline.

For Danny, self-discipline is doing what you need to do when you need to do it, whether you want to or not. You do it because you know it’s essential to getting where you want.

Prioritizing your life

If anybody tries to sell you time management courses, run. It’s an outdated approach.

What we need to learn is priority management. We have to clearly understand what has the highest priority and consequences. Then we have to manage the time of getting those things done.

We have to set our priorities before we go to bed. Our minds will then work on them all night.

When we get up in the morning, we should start with the highest-priority task. We have to ask ourselves “What is the consequence of if I do this or not?”

The German philosopher Goethe said, “Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least.”

Saying no to interruptions

Nowadays because of mobile devices things are moving very fast. Limited by speed, we have to work on priorities. We can’t do everything. People who think that multitasking works should know that it doesn’t.

The number 1 most required trait that headhunters are looking for in top candidates is the ability to complete a single task. Checking your phone all the time is an interruption addiction.

Single-mindedness is staying focused. You have to focus and get it down.

You have to learn the discipline of saying no. You are not saying no to the person, you are saying no to the interruption.

Risk-taking your way to success

At some point you have to tell yourself  “Enough planning, enough thinking, I have to step out and try it”.

People get comfortable and complacent. But that comfort is a detriment to your ultimate success as a leader.

Your best opportunities might be lost because you took too long to think about them. Now is the time to hone your skills.